I am back again! I really enjoy blogging I am just really bad at making a time commitment to it. Therefore, my goal is to start small and post one or two recipes that I made a week.

This week I tried I was trying to find a recipe to use up some of abundance of tomatoes and basil that I have laying around my kitchen. I had bookmarked a delicious looking pizza recipe a while back that I decided to give a try. It was absolutely delicious! It had a beautiful herb studded crust which was topped with a decadent homemade pesto and a medley of basalmic glazed tomatoes and red onion then finished with a sprinkle of “parmesan” cheese (which was actually vegan because it was a mix of sesame seeds and nutritional yeast but I think regular parmesan would work just as well). This recipe was slightly adapted from OhSheGlows who created a beautiful pdf of instructions.


I followed her instructions exactly except I subbed whole wheat flour for the bread flour and the crust still turned out perfectly. It had a rustic sturdiness that really held up well to the pesto and the moisture from the roasted veggies. I would definitely make this recipe again (especially since you can make a lot of components of this dish a head of time and basically assemble the pizza when you are ready to eat).

This dish satisfied my pizza cravings (we all have them) as well as used up my tomatoes. Score!