This “pizza” is a rather unconventional recipe that I often make for lunch when I am trying to use up random vegetables. It is so simple that it doesn’t really require a recipe and all the ingredients can be varied based on what you have on hand.

1. For the crust I use Joseph’s lavash which can be found in front of the deli case at most Wal-marts. I love it because it is enormous and toasts up really crunchy like a wheat thin. It is also sturdy so it can hold up to most sauces and toppings (you can also use a large tortilla)

2. Next, I add a base layer to help the other ingredients stick to the lavash. You can use tomato sauce for a more traditional variation or you can creative with mashed sweet potato, pesto, hummus, refried beans, etc.

3. Then, I top the pizza with my toppings. Some ideas include cooked veggies, beans, a protein source such as a chopped veggie burger or chicken, cheese, or a drizzle of tahini. One of my favorites, when I make this pizza for breakfast, is to crack an egg in the center of the pizza which will then set to a perfect dippy consistency during the baking process.

4. Finally I bake the entire thing at 450 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

The combination you can make are endless. One of my most recent creations was a lavash topped with pumpkin, sauteed spinach, feta, an egg and gochuchang (a Korean chile sauce).

Another combination I tried is a tortilla topped with a thin layer of hummus, a chopped veggie burger,  cherry tomatoes and sauteed spinach (I actually make this pizza at least once a week for lunch).

I have been working on sweeter variations but so far I have not quite come up with the right combination of ingredients. Any ideas?