Food trucks are becoming so popular in Columbus, OH. There are even specific tours that focus on these trucks (aka the taco food truck tour). Personally, I haven’t been brave enough to commit to eating at 4-5 food trucks in one afternoon. However, I love the concept and have wanted to eat at one for a while. That is why I was really excited when we got to attend a presentation this past week by the managers of “That Food Truck.”

The evening was spent talking about how the owners began their business, sampling some of their utterly delicious food and taking a tour of “That Food Truck.” I really learned a lot and was impressed by how much time and work goes into its operation.

My favorite recipe/sample of the evening involved a chunk of ciabatta sitting a pool of rich black mole and draped with apple slivers and queso fresco. Unfortunately, the recipe is based off of Rick Bayless’ black mole and requires an extended simmer time as well as over 20 different ingredients! So, while I may not be able to re-create the exact recipe, I now have two new goals; find a simple yet delicious mole recipe and eat at more food trucks (I have been missing out!)