What happens when you take taco toppings and toss them over nutty and wholesome brown or wild rice?

A delicious and healthy take on the classic Chipotle burrito bowl.

I usually make some sort of rift on tacos at least once a week because it is one of the only meals that the whole family consistently enjoys.

I always put all the toppings out on the counter and let them customize to their heart’s content. Two of my family can’t eat poultry of any kind so I always saute some ground beef combined with taco seasoning, black beans and corn for them and I also usually include some chicken or tofu for the rest of the family. Easy and delicious.

This isn’t really a recipe as much as it is an idea. Basically, all you need is the toppings that you would normally use for tacos (i.e. sour cream, cheese, guacamole, ground beef, salsa, lettuce, black beans) and a big pot of whole-grains (rice, barley, quinoa etc). Then all you do is top your rice and eat (though a squeeze of lime and a handful of cilantro stirred into your rice during the last few minutes of cooking would certainly brighten the flavors).

Taco salad has now transitioned from summer to fall. It’s just that simple 🙂