In a little less than a month I will be graduating from the Ohio State University with an undergraduate degree in Dietetics. This degree is required in order for me take the next step in my career goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian (R.D.).  The next step involves completing a year-long internship that consists of rotations through a variety of healthy care settings that an R.D. might work in. These settings include community, clinical and food service management facilities. However, in order to participate in this internship there is a rigorous matching process that involves the potential intern ranking and applying to several different schools in hopes of “matching” to one of them. So, for the past 4 months I have been working on submitting applications and ranking my chosen schools and then I have had to wait until yesterday evening at 7 pm to find out if I potentially matched to one of my schools of choice.

Yesterday, was the slowest day in the history of the planet. At exactly 7 pm I excitedly logged on to the matching site–only to discover that the server was overloaded from everyone else being excited to see their potential matches as well! So an excruciating hour passed while I lay on the kitchen floor and tried not to hyperventilate.


Finally, my match came up and I had matched to Bowling Green State University’s distance dietetics program. I was so excited and relieved. Becoming an R.D. seems so much more tangible now that I am matched. I know that it is going to be a huge process by I am very ready to take this next step in my career.


(I know you can’t read it but it essentially says that you have been matched to Bowling Green State University)

In other news, every year my father and I go out to breakfast for my birthday. This year I decided to re-visit one of my favorite breakfast places in downtown Columbus called Tasi Cafe. I love this place! It has such a nice vibe and the food is always delicious.

Poached Eggs-Tasi

I ordered the poached eggs over black bean cakes. So good that it made me want to recreate this combination at home! The black bean cakes had a delicious spice to them that was tempered by the silky neutral tasting egg yolks. I can’t wait to go back again. Maybe for lunch next time? Some of their sandwiches looked so good that I wanted to order them for breakfast!